Work in progress!

Its been a busy week here in Hannaford in the studio. Art Trek kicked off on Saturday 10th September, so between painting and being messy i was busy trying to get the studio is a state fit for the public! Rather an Art in itself! It was great to meet some new people as they slowly filtered through the studio door and generally chat with them, and show them some of my work. Typically i had decided i would go and create a really huge painting so it was a delicate manoeuvreing guests around this, let alone myself! 

The large painting in situ! and a wonderfully full and vibrant studio awaiting visitors!

In the meantime as well as experimenting with large and more expressive paintings i have been getting stuck in with a new commission! Some wonderful clients of mine have decided that after many years, it is time for a change and a revamp of their living room, and felt a personalised painting of a rural landscape adorned with wild flowers would look fantastic as they main feature of the room, where an existing mirror is places. Below you can see some images tracking the paintings progress! There is still work to do, but i am pleased with the paintings development so far.

Some new dates are also in the pipeline for some winter wire workshops and a one day introduction to experimental and expressive painting so look out for those on the news page! There are certainly some exciting developments on the way so keep those eyes peeled!


Please do feel free to come and visit myself and the studio this weekend from 11.30am - 5pm and tuesday 12pm - 5pm, all welcome, and join me for a cup of tea and some cake! RB