Commissions and the process involved

One of the pleasures and joys of being an artist is being able to work with and create original and bespoke pieces of art for clients. It is a deeply personal and thoughtful process that allows the artist to embark on a truly unique and exciting journey that allows the client to have a finished artwork that has been lovingly brought to life, and that reflects and incorporates their very own wishes and ideas. 

'I feel honoured and truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with my clients creating beautiful, heartfelt and bespoke artworks, whether these be drawings, paintings or 3Dimensional sculptures. I love the challenge of turning each idea into a reality and to work so closely with such interesting and inspiring people. Each commission is a new journey of discovery that evolves and picks up a spirit of its own. I often get repeat commissions and many bizarre and intriguing requests. My experience and reputable talents in many medias, mean that I can consider all enquiries. Nothing gives me more joy that knowing that the finished artwork will be enjoyed, treasured and often handed down generation after generation.' RB

stage 1

Once an enquiry has been expressed Ruth will arrange to meet with you and talk through and determine your ideas and wishes. This initial meeting is ideal to begin to get a feel for the type of artwork one likes and to get an idea of sizes, environmental factors, the budget in mind and various options available (a house visit is very helpful in determining the area the work is to be hung/displayed in and the dynamics surrounding this.). During this meeting it is useful if the client can provide any visual examples of their preferred style and of the subject matter the are particularly interested in. This gives Ruth some guidance on the direction of the final artwork, and can greatly aid in the research involved. It is worth noting however, more often than not, the piece will grow and develop in its own way during the process, so it is best not to be too prescriptive, but rather allow the creation to create a life of its own, and trust Ruth to nurture and develop this!

stage 2

With the information and details gathered in the initial meeting, Ruth will go back to her studio to draw up a planned agreement and schedule along with a quote for the commission. During this time, both the artist and client can voice and concerns and work at resolving these. Any specialist materials or equipment can also be sought and a realistic time frame for the commission agreed upon.

stage 3

Once both Ruth and the client are happy with the commission agreement and a  clear picture of the final work has been discussed along with all details and conditions,  a 35% deposit will be asked for before work begins, this is non-refundable and covers the expense of materials, research and artists time.

stage 4

As the commission evolves and progresses, Ruth will be in regular consultation with the client, often than not working in her studio sketching ideas on compositions and colour references before embarking on the final piece. At this stage other details like framing and finishes can be discussed and implemented as necessary.

final stage

After completing all the finishing touches to the work and the artist has obtained the client’s approval,  the final 65% payment will be invoiced and the artwork will be ready for framing and delivery.


Every commission will be different, this is what makes them so special. How large, how small, how simple, how detailed, the client’s budget etc. – these are some of the factors involved in tailoring the cost of an original bespoke piece of artwork.

Overall, it all depends on the specifics concerning the desired piece, sometimes there maybe extra costs involved especially if there are specialist materials and services required.

A very large commissioned painting, finished and ready to be hung as pride of place in it's new home.

A very large commissioned painting, finished and ready to be hung as pride of place in it's new home.

Rest assured however, that Ruth will do her very best to accommodate your requirements and make sure all options are explored before the final fee is agreed upon, all these will be discussed and covered during the initial consultation.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ruth with any further enquiries on the commission process.