This gallery showcases current work that is now available from Lacy Road gallery London, and directly from Ruth. 

'As an artist i am always looking to develop my style and incorporate new techniques and inspiration to my work, as i embark on my artistic journey i am finding that the work i am currently producing is more spontaneous, raw and free. Recently i have been creating bolder paintings, focusing on mark making and expression. Less is more they say. I am finding my way slowly, and seek to bring all the work together as a unified body, sketches, final pieces and experiments. The landscape still features greatly, but i have lessened the reins on the concepts i am aiming to paint. For me it is an emotional response and development of my artist voice that i am really concentrating on. The subject matter is not so important, just a truthfulness in my paintings.' RB

Some limited edition prints are now available  various finished work is for sale but please contact Ruth directly for further information.