Ruth is a fully recognised member of DAISI (Devon arts in schools) where art inspired learning is a core factor. Working as a freelance professional artist Ruth has had great pleasure in being invited into schools and hired to work within the community to provide artist led workshops. Her skills allow her to offer and facilitate many areas of art from painting through to sculpture. The images in this gallery showcase some of the projects Ruth has organised and facilitated. 

The projects ranged from a huge wall mural based on one of Ruth's original floral paintings and was created by 150 infant school children from Pilton Bluecoats school, through to wire 3D bird sculptures which were made by primary school children from Pilton Bluecoats Primary school. Most recently Ruth had great pleasure in working with Swimbridge Primary school in the summer of 2016 where she was asked to work with both Key stage 1 and 2 on two separate projects that celebrated the 150years of the schools existence . 

Project 1 was to create a wall mural that expressed the special places and things that were important to the  children of key stage 1 about their school and the village of swimbridge. This was achieved by each child pairing up and working on a specially designed board that they could paint and decorate from sketches and drafts they had created before. Once all the 25 boards were finished, they were switched together to form one huge wall mural that now is proudly on show by the front entrance of the school.

Project 2 was to create a sculpture that celebrated the school and allowed the children to create work that dictated what was important about the school and its meaning to them. Working on the concept and ethos of the school, as a loving community that was joined together in unity , support and friendship Ruth decided to base the sculpture on Gustav Klimt's  tree of life. This was constructed off site and brought to the school. Each child in key stage 2 then painted and decorated a wooden disk with words and pictures based on Klimts style that celebrated the importance of the school and community, these were then applied to the tree sculpture to form colourful mobile decoration. The second part of the project was for each child to make wire hands, that would be decorated and then applied to the tree to emphasis the caring and supportive nature of the school. 

Other exciting work Ruth has been involved in recently was running a wire Bug making workshop for the local community of swimbridge allowing children and adults alike create wire mix media bugs to adorn the new swim bridge stream side garden bug hotel. The results were fantastic and they all sit proudly on the Bug hotel!